Finding a Gambling Loyalty Program That Fits Your Lifestyle

Finding a Gambling Loyalty Program That Fits Your Lifestyle

Choosing a loyalty program between the various online casinos is a lot like going shopping for groceries when you’re not really hungry. There are thousands and thousands of products to choose from and if you read the label, each and every item claims to be the absolute best thing ever made. Of course, a lot of the stuff inside your grocery store is junk and it tastes like cardboard, so you have to figure out a whole lot of factors before finding the perfect product.

Online casinos work exactly the same way…some of them are awesome and others leave the taste of cardboard in your mouth. When it comes to gambling loyalty programs the formula gets even more complicated because many great online casinos have horrible VIP perks and promotions. Here are four things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect gambling loyalty program-

Know your Limits

The VIP Presidential loyalty program at Rushmore Online is easily the best overall program available to gamblers when it comes to huge rewards and massive cash-back offers on the internet, but 95% of the gamblers out there simply do not bet enough money in a lifetime to qualify for it. Even if you were accepted, however, the rewards would be limited because the program is simply not designed for a casual gambler.

Instead, look for an online casino that has a program that meets your financial capabilities. If you normally wager about $200 per month, then you should find a loyalty program that gives great rewards for that type of betting.

Negotiate a Better Bonus

Many gamblers are surprised to learn that they are free to pick up the phone at any time and re-negotiate the terms of their rewards program. Of course, online casino managers do not want for you to do this, but if you ask for a few extra comps here and there the casino is in no position to tell you no. Smart gamblers call customer service several times a year and negotiate a new loyalty program that meets the current offers around the internet.

For example, even though the loyalty program at Casino Titan is excellent, there are times when competitors have an exclusive weekend bonus or some other type of promotions that is very appealing. If you call Casino Titan and ask them to match the offer, they will almost always comply with your request.

Develop a Plan

This sort of goes back to the first point we made; you really need to decide in advance how much money you’re willing to gamble before you select an online casino loyalty program. Once you enroll in a VIP rewards system, however, it is very easy to lose sight of why you signed up to begin with and pursue other interests. Believe it or not, many online casinos offer fantastic upper-level rewards because they know many players will not stick to their betting habits and claim them…do not be one of these people.

Know your Casino Games

A final piece of advice is to be wary about trying out new games for real money; smart gamblers always stick to the casino games that they know well and have a solid strategy for. If something new and exciting becomes available then by all means go give it a try, but be sure you place your first few bets under the “free money” play instead of using your own cash. This helps you stay on track to meet your loyalty rewards goals without sacrificing a large portion of your gambling budget.