Way To Style Your Hair With A Blow Dryer To Add Volume

ways to use a blow dryer creatively

Do you want to add volume to your hair? If yes, then a blow dryer might be the answer! Contrary to what you may think, having access to a blow dryer can open up many possibilities for styling and transforming your look. Not only does it give you more control over how your hair looks, but it also makes the process of drying much quicker and easier. In this blog post, we will share tips on using a blow dryer correctly so that it helps produce styles with added body but still maintain their natural softness. So read on if you are looking forward to mastering some simple yet fabulous ways of styling your locks with a blow dryer!

How to instantly add volume to your hair with blow dryer

  1. using a blow dryer correctlyBegin by towel drying your hair after washing it. This will help absorb some excess moisture in your hair and make it easier to style with a blow dryer.
  2. Make sure your blow dryer is set on the low or warm setting, so you don’t damage your hair as you add volume.
  3. Section off your hair into four even parts, starting at the crown of your head and working down towards the nape of your neck. Again, using clips can help separate these sections while you work with them individually.
  4. Start by working on one section at a time, using a round brush and the blow dryer to shape each piece around the brush as you dry. This will help smooth out your hair while adding volume at the roots.
  5. When you finish with one section, move onto the next and repeat the process until all of your hair is styled and volumized.
  6. For extra bounce and shine, finish off by using a light hairspray to hold everything in place.
  7. With a few simple steps and a good blow dryer, you can instantly add volume to your hair for an effortless look!

Ways to use a blow dryer for more than just drying your hair

A blow dryer can be used for more than just drying your hair. Here are a few creative ways to utilize this styling tool:

  1. Create Beachy Waves: A blow dryer is a great way to create wavy, beach-inspired hairstyles. Spritz some sea salt spray into damp hair and use the diffuser attachment of your blow dryer to create soft, natural-looking waves.
  2. Straighten Hair: For those with naturally curly or frizzy hair, using a straightening iron can feel like an overwhelming task. But don’t worry! Using your blow dryer on its highest setting can help you achieve sleek, straight locks without having to fiddle around with a heated styling tool. All you need to do is dry your hair in sections, keeping the nozzle close to each part of the hair as you move it around.
  3. Create Root Lift: If you’re looking for extra volume and lift in your roots, a blow dryer can be used to achieve this look. Direct the air from your blow dryer up toward your roots while using your fingers or a round brush to shape and lift them. Doing this will create a fuller-looking style with added body.
  4. Freshen Up Second (Third or Fourth) Day Hair: Don’t want to wash but want to freshen up second day hair? Using an ionic blow dryer on its lowest setting can help you achieve this look. Use the blow dryer to move around sections of your hair, focusing on areas where there may be more product buildup or oiliness. This will help refresh your look without the need for additional styling products or a full wash and dry session.

These are just a few different ways to use a blow dryer creatively and unexpectedly. With some practice, you’ll be able to master any of these looks! So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it!