Creative Ways to Incorporate your Art in a Small Space.

As it is said Art is found in every corner of the World. Every person has a dream house and their own ideas
of making their house look exquisite but fail to do so due to lack of Space.
You can create your dynamic interior by putting the things you love, throwing your imagination on your walls with art.
Not only does art reflect your style but it can also create drama,capture moments turned into memories, tell a story,  and give the illusion of something bigger, even in a small area.

1.Book lover alert!

Are you a book lover who lives in a tiny apartment!Make a dreamy bench underneath your bed with your favourite collection of books kept in a messy way. Ahh! A perfect setup. Grab it and read it!

2.Large Frames Small Pictures

Decorate walls with large frames and small picture to avoid the wall art to look like a clutter. You can also try to hang one or two larger pictures on the wall to increase the depth of the wall.

3.Keep Subtle and Neutral Colors.

These colours make your room’s atmosphere look a little lighter and softer. These colors also blend with the furniture so you don’t have to worry about replacing your art.

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