Best Indoor Dog Breeds

“Dogs have a way of finding people who need them and filling a space we didn’t even know we had.”

If you are a dog lover but don’t own one because of lack of space. You are missing an opportunity of having a wagging tail and a wet nose coming running towards you. If you need someone to be there to listen to all your problems and joining you in your happiness without any second thoughts. You should definitely get one of these breeds to fill that space with you never knew you had.



Pug is a breed of dog which have distinctly wrinkled, short muzzled face with a curled tail. Pugs are known as social dogs and best companions. It generally comes in fawn color and black as well. Being a small breed, it is perfectly playful,loyal pet which can be brought home.


A Beagle is another small breed dog which is loyal and gets attached to the family. They are great with children and keep their energy levels high due to their playful nature. their exercise requirement is just regular walking which can be completed in the house itself or regular walks twice a day.



It is a truly toy dog with fluffy coat of hair. They are perky, friendly little dogs who need regular exercise. They are vry intelligent and obedient. They are good with children but can be prone to excessive barking. Pomeranian can easily stay in a small place if it is well organised.

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